“Hungary delays school reopening after teachers, students protest”

While I look forward to seeing most of our students on campus April 19, Hungary has pushed back the reopening of secondary schools by three weeks to May 10. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told state radio this on Friday, after teachers and students called for a delay for pandemic-related reasons. Of course, if anything changes, … More “Hungary delays school reopening after teachers, students protest”

Spring Reset. 4 Steps To Setting New Screen Limits

Dr. Delaney Ruston – Research has shown that having some defined screen limits in a home is associated with positive outcomes with academics as well as with emotional and physical health. Okay, but that’s way easier said than done. And yes, with the pandemic, everything has gotten topsy turvy with screen time limits.  Screen time … More Spring Reset. 4 Steps To Setting New Screen Limits

New QSI Website

Our entire organization (Quality Schools International) will now be using a common website structure. We’ve switched over to the new format here at QSI Pápa, but it will be under construction over the next few weeks. Or rather, it will continue to be improved as information is transferred over. Have a look around at https://papa.qsi.org/. … More New QSI Website

Reminder, Professional Development Tomorrow (no school)

The last couple of weeks have proven to be an online success. We prepared ahead of time and were rewarded by the effort. I have visited many “classrooms” in progress and have been happy to see engaged students across the board. While I’m happy what we’ve achieved so far regarding distance learning, there is always … More Reminder, Professional Development Tomorrow (no school)

2021 Graduates

I will post one of our three graduates each week, beginning here with Eszter. Hi, my name is Eszter, I’m from Hungary and I’m a senior student at QSI Pápa. I have been studying at QSI for almost four years now and I have enriched with many great experiences, laughs, tears, and tons of knowledge … More 2021 Graduates