Regarding Travel

As restrictions ease and confirmed cases of COVID-19 decline, adjustments are made accordingly. Concerning travel abroad, we will now follow the guidance of the Hungarian government regarding expectations when reentering the country (quarantines, PCR tests, etc.). In other words, if you are allowed back into the country without being asked to quarantine, we will follow … More Regarding Travel

A Breath of Fresh Air

As restrictions are lifted, we will continue to adjust our approach to the pandemic based on current decrees and laws in place regarding safety precautions in schools. Beginning Tuesday, May 25, students from pre-school through 4th grade (8/9s class) will no longer be required to wear a mask in their homeroom. However, when transitioning (hallways, … More A Breath of Fresh Air

Three Reminders

The drop-off line is intended to move a bit quicker than it has been lately. Remember, if your child isn’t able to hop out of the car quickly, please park away from the drop-off line and walk your child over. If your child won’t be in school due to illness or any other reason, please … More Three Reminders