Sports Festival

On Friday, May 20 the student council will host our first annual Sports Festival. This will give our 12+ students an opportunity to enjoy some friendly competition with both individual and team events. All are encouraged to attend regardless of skill level. In the next few days students will be asked to sign up electronically. … More Sports Festival

Liability and Field Trips

One of the best things about our community is the willingness of parents to participate in field trips. Parents have also been more than willing to carpool, driving other children on these trips. Our local school attorney, however, has just advised against this due to the liability it could place on the school and those … More Liability and Field Trips

Student IDs

One of our Week without Walls trips requires student IDs, so the teacher organized multiple trips to obtain them. Other than the amount of time it took to get the whole class IDs, the process was fairly simple. For Hungarians, it is a matter of course, and the family’s responsibility if they are interested in … More Student IDs

Head Lice

We recently had a student on campus with head lice.   Misconceptions  Having a case of lice can be embarrassing. A common misconception about head lice is that it is a sign of poor personal hygiene. Some even believe that it affects only people of lower economic status.  These ideas can’t be farther from the truth. … More Head Lice

In a World of Happy Posts — Why Expressing True Emotions is So Important

Dr. Delaney Ruston – In the spirit of  Mental Health Month, it is paramount that all kids know that mental health issues affect us all. Our emotional lives are so complicated. The pressure youth feel to exude certain feelings can be intense. A significant portion of my book Parenting in the Screen Age is devoted to mental … More In a World of Happy Posts — Why Expressing True Emotions is So Important