2020-21 School Plan

Campus Procedures for COVID-19

QSI – International School of Pápa is planning to return to campus on August 27th and open our doors for a new school year. We look forward to seeing all returning students and families, while also welcoming a number of new students and families into the QSIP community.

Without any clear indication for how long we will need to make adjustments due to COVID-19, we may be in a situation where we are moving through a variety of risk levels. QSIP will continue to follow guidelines defined by the local government which may include social distancing limitations or campus closure. We will follow the government’s assessment of the risk level, but QSIP realizes that we will need to respond to a number of different health and safety scenarios.

We also understand that within our school community there are a wide range of perspectives and views concerning the seriousness of COVID-19, practical precautionary methods, and realistic procedures. QSIP will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines published by the CDC, WHO, and the Ministry of Education, while also working closely with Quality Schools International, and the local air base.  

This document is meant to outline three different educational models as they pertain to the current known considerations. We recognize that we must remain flexible and that we may be in a situation requiring us to shift from one model to another. We understand that with each model, we will need to share many more important and specific details. As we understand that some government guidelines and health recommendations may change before August, we will plan to share more specific details as we approach the start of school.

We expect that the situation will continue to be fluid and may change throughout the school year. The school will need to be prepared to possibly shift between the three models below, depending on the circumstances.


When the risk level is considered to be low, QSIP will operate our regular daily schedule with increased health and screening practices. In this scenario, we would be able to have all students on campus at the same time.


If QSIP must abide by social distancing restrictions, or the school determines it is safer to maintain such restrictions, we would be able to open our campus but with stricter health measures. By reducing the number of students in classes and restricting the mixing of students across groups, we would not be able to have all students on campus at the same time.


If Hungary determines that schools must close their campus, QSIP will return to providing educational services via online platforms and following the determined online plan. There have been some updates concerning this plan explained under the Educational Models tab.