Drive BYE Parade

We can’t imagine not getting to see each other’s faces one last time, especially those moving away. We want to make those that are leaving Pápa feel special and seen. We also want to give those staying a chance to process and understand who is staying and who is leaving. Please join us for a … More Drive BYE Parade

Empty Lockers – June 8

Parents/Students wearing face masks will empty their lockers according to the schedule below based on the first letter of the student’s surname. Surname Empty Locker A-D 13:00 E-I 13:30 J-P 14:00 Q-S 14:30 T-Z 15:00

End-of-Year Plans

We’re almost there! It’s hard to believe there are only eight more days of school. It also looks like borders will be opening, flights available, and other sunny things ahead. Please keep an eye on the calendar. I will also be sending regular updates and reminders so that we can have a smooth end-of-year closure. … More End-of-Year Plans

Materials Drop-Off – June 5

Parents/students wearing face masks will drop off all things checked out (textbooks, library books, tech, etc.) in a bag marked with the student’s name. Enter through the front door, drop off bag in the cafeteria (tables will be labeled), then exit through the cafeteria door to the outside.   Age Group Drop-Off Time 3/4s 13:00 5s and 7s … More Materials Drop-Off – June 5

Going Away Parade – June 11

More details will follow (routes, student placement, etc.) We will have a going away parade on Thursday, June 11 at 11:00. Students that are leaving QSI Pápa will be spaced out near the school while the rest drive by to wave goodbye (honking, cheering, etc.) The specifics will be sent next week. Students/parents who are … More Going Away Parade – June 11

Campus Update – May 22

As you know, we are in touch with both the local and national Ministry of Education and are bound by their guidelines as communicated and published. An announcement today states the following: “Schools will keep digital education methods running for the remainder of the term . . . which ends June 15.“ This means that … More Campus Update – May 22

Make a Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Turn a milk carton into a handmade bird feeder with only a few household supplies! Materials Empty milk carton Scissors Paint Paintbrush Permanent marker Birdseed Yarn or string Sharpened pencil Small twig Directions Paint an empty milk carton one solid color. 2. Once the paint dries, cut out a rectangle opening near the top of … More Make a Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Summer Songs

Music Department News: Ms. Callahan has created a SUMMER SONGS Edmodo page. The class code is hg2hcc. Just because school ends soon, doesn’t mean the music has to stop!

Campus Update

While some Hungarian pre-schools and kindergartens have opened their doors, there are no changes for QSI Pápa, and I don’t expect there to be changes any time soon. However, I will continue to stay in touch with both the local and national Ministry of Education and will follow their guidelines as communicated and published, and … More Campus Update


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