One Week Online after Winter Break

Many families will travel in and outside of Hungary during Winter Break (December 20-January 7). For an added health and safety precaution, we will teach online the first week of school after the break, January 10-14, then return to campus face-to-face on January 17. We are unsure what travel restrictions will be put in place … More One Week Online after Winter Break

2021’s Mostly Non-tech Gift Guide

Dr. Delaney Ruston – While compiling this list of mostly non-tech gifts for this holiday season, I so enjoyed the distraction from the complexities and uncertainties of COVID  — and I thank my film partner Lisa for her contributions as well.  I realize this list is not too soon since Hanukkah started this week. There are … More 2021’s Mostly Non-tech Gift Guide

Beginning December 1, parents can only enter schools with a vaccination card

In a ministerial letter school principals were informed that from 1 December, a parent accompanying children to or from school – and only one parent – can enter the educational establishment only at a designated point designated by the principal. In our case, the school’s front door, not the door to the playground. Parents will … More Beginning December 1, parents can only enter schools with a vaccination card

5 Ways To Make Dinnertime More Fun

Dr. Delaney Ruston – There is an ingrained long-standing belief that dinner mainly needs to be about checking in with everyone about their day, and then, from there, people can bring up other topics. There is also a myth that this should be satisfying enough for everyone at the table. The truth is some kids … More 5 Ways To Make Dinnertime More Fun

Event and Activities Committee

The PSG is looking for volunteers needed for the Event and Activities Committee. If you are interested, please let them know in person or email at

Bicycle Safety

Several parents have expressed concern for children who bike to school but don’t always follow safe cycling guidelines. I have seen children put themselves in harm’s way, simply because they didn’t know how to signal a turn. Please have a chat with your child about this if they bike to school. I have included a … More Bicycle Safety

3-Day Weekend

I hope you all have a wonderful 3-day weekend. You’ve earned it! I spoke with QSI headquarters today about our school and couldn’t brag enough about our students, staff, and parent support here at QSI Pápa. As I walk the halls, I see students learning at the highest level, teachers tirelessly (and successfully) aiming for … More 3-Day Weekend

8th Period Activities: Rotation #2 (25 October – 3 December) 

Ms.  Sanders  Yoga  Let’s be mindful! We will stretch and strengthen our bodies while learning to be mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. Namaste.  Mrs.  Fitzgerald  Holiday Arts and Crafts  Let’s make fun crafts with a holiday theme!  We’ll learn about cultural traditions for holidays of this season, then create something related to that holiday. Be ready to make something spooky, silly, fun or festive. Hooray for the Holidays!  Ms. Jennifer  FREE PLAY  Let’s have fun outside! Bundle up! Students will have unstructured play time on … More 8th Period Activities: Rotation #2 (25 October – 3 December) 


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