StuCo Update

The second Spirit Day, Twin Day, was super successful. Many of the students had fun wearing the same clothes as their friends. Bingo Night is next, planned for October 13. To get a Bingo card, students need to bring a non-perishable product (canned food, for example) with a note with the name and the class … More StuCo Update

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We will have our first parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday, October 12, beginning at 12:30. Remember, it is an early dismissal day for students at 11:42, before lunch. Elementary homeroom teachers will be working with parents to create their schedules.  Middle and Secondary parents of students 12 and older should contact Florentina at to schedule an appointment on that Wednesday. 

Swedish Olympics

Friday, October 7 is Swedish Sports Day (commonly called “the Swedish Olympics”). I have included the specifics of the day in Friday’s newsletter email. We look forward to this event every year. Thank you, Sweden! Reminders:

Euphoria And My Unusual Request

Dr. Delaney Ruston – The HBO show Euphoria has attracted a massive following of young adults and teens and tells the story of Rue and her high school classmates dealing with drug use, relationships, addiction, loss, and much more. 17-year-old Rue, in particular, is struggling with an opioid use disorder. The series started streaming in June 2019 … More Euphoria And My Unusual Request

Student IDs

For those of you wishing to get your child a student ID, take your child to Pápa, Fő u. 12, 8500 (upstairs) on Tuesdays (8:00-15:00) or Thursdays (8:00-16:00). You will need passports and residency cards for both of you. All EU residents should take their red and green Hungarian residency card as you are already … More Student IDs

Head Lice

We recently had a student on campus with head lice.   Misconceptions  Having a case of lice can be embarrassing. A common misconception about head lice is that it is a sign of poor personal hygiene. Some even believe that it affects only people of lower economic status.  These ideas can’t be farther from the truth. … More Head Lice

StuCo Spirit Days

The first Spirit Day was successful, and we are happy to announce that everybody enjoyed wearing their favorite hat. Our next Spirit Day is scheduled for Friday, September 30. Twin Day! A little clarification, Twin Day is a day in which students get to wear matching clothes with their friends. We are excited to see … More StuCo Spirit Days

Preparing For Sudden Tech Failures

Sheri Fink, the author of “Five Days at Memorial” and a producer of the TV adaptation, was recently interviewed at a premiere for the show. The book and the series are about life and death decisions doctors were forced to make when Hurricane Katrina knocked out electricity at Mercy Hospital, causing the life-preserving ventilators to fail. What … More Preparing For Sudden Tech Failures

Student Council

QSI Pápa StuCo had its first event on September 14. The officers organized after-school activities for the elementary students while the parents attended Parent University. The event was a success, and we are excited for more to come! Our first Spirit Day will be Thursday, September 22. Hat Day!


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