Fall MAP Testing

Fall M.A.P. testing will take place from 13 September – 1 October. If your child will not be in school those days, please let homeroom teachers know so we can schedule a different time for them to take the assessment. What‘s the MAP Test? (Measure of Academic Progress) The MAP tests are an instructional tool for teachers, meant to guide our instruction by identifying the needs and progress of each student. They are not directly … More Fall MAP Testing

Face Masks and Illness

I haven’t been sick in two years! However, many more students, staff, and parents have been ill recently, undoubtedly due to us coming back together after summer break. And now I have a cold. This is common in schools at this time of year, and even more common once the weather changes and we all … More Face Masks and Illness

8th Period Activities

We are looking forward to our 8th period activities beginning next week. I have listed descriptions and the rotations below. Combinations of students 5-7-years-old and other combinations of students 8-11-years-old will be divided into groups of ten. Each group will participate in an activity for one week, then rotate to the next activity for the … More 8th Period Activities