Student IDs

For those of you wishing to get your child a student ID, take your child to Pápa, Fő u. 12, 8500 (upstairs) on Tuesdays (8:00-15:00) or Thursdays (8:00-16:00). You will need passports and residency cards for both of you. All EU residents should take their red and green Hungarian residency card as you are already … More Student IDs

Head Lice

We recently had a student on campus with head lice.   Misconceptions  Having a case of lice can be embarrassing. A common misconception about head lice is that it is a sign of poor personal hygiene. Some even believe that it affects only people of lower economic status.  These ideas can’t be farther from the truth. … More Head Lice

StuCo Spirit Days

The first Spirit Day was successful, and we are happy to announce that everybody enjoyed wearing their favorite hat. Our next Spirit Day is scheduled for Friday, September 30. Twin Day! A little clarification, Twin Day is a day in which students get to wear matching clothes with their friends. We are excited to see … More StuCo Spirit Days