Student Council

The QSI Pápa Student Council is happy to announce its new officers who are ready to represent the student body. The officers and members of the Student Council had their first meeting on Tuesday to discuss ideas for spirit days and upcoming events. More information is on its way!

Parent University

You are invited to our first Parent University 101 on September 14th! We are busy preparing an event for you to learn more about our school and your child’s education here at QSI – International School of Pápa.  This event will include opportunities to meet all our teachers and staff, understand the essentials of elementary and … More Parent University

Mobile Phone Use Policy

In light of the research concerning screen use we formed a committee of teachers, students, and parents to determine what policy to put in place. Mobile phones aren’t to be used outside of the classroom (hallways, breaks, lunch, field trips, etc.) and only in classrooms with the teacher’s permission. If a student is using a … More Mobile Phone Use Policy