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  • Three weeks, but who’s counting . . .
    The end of the year sometimes feels a bit chaotic. MAP testing, AP exams, families packing to move away, new families visiting the school, graduation, oh my! It’s exhilarating in some ways, like running down a hill, arms pinwheeling, and the potential for a fall, but fun nonetheless. Of course, we’re all looking forward to … More Three weeks, but who’s counting . . .
  • Social Engineering Versus Helicoptering
    Dr. Delaney Ruston – Quick Pledge update: It was wonderful having so many people sign up for our Pledge to make one tiny screen time change. I pledged not to go on my computer for work after dinner for a week. (Normally, I always have some nights screen-free but not usually seven days). As part … More Social Engineering Versus Helicoptering
  • Save the Date! June 11, 18:00
    Graduation is right around the corner. The ceremony will be held in Esterhazy Castle. While numbers are limited inside the building (invitation only), we invite the whole community to celebrate with us outside the Catholic church on the square (the big church). Please gather behind the church near the playground to cheer for our three … More Save the Date! June 11, 18:00