Have Your Phone When You Open This

Dr. Delaney Ruston – I bet there is one thing (at least) about your phone that you have been meaning to do, and yet you have not taken the time to do it. Yes?

I just got another alert from the social media app, BeReal. I downloaded it with my kids a while back to learn about it. I don’t use it. Instead, I have been repeatedly irked whenever it pings me (it does that even with notifications turned off). I keep saying to myself, “Oh, yes, I have to delete that.” And then I never do. 

(By the way, I have no gripes with BeReal. It is a social media app that many people enjoy and is about sharing real-life moments. Scroll to the bottom to read about the app.)  

Every time I hear that ping, my cortisol shoots up, yet I don’t do anything about it. 

Until now. 

SO RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, I am inviting you to do one tiny thing (yep, right now) that you have wanted to do related to your phone but have not. 

Maybe you want to throw all your apps in a bin, delete an app that is absorbing too much of your attention, or download an app you have been curious about, like one that helps identify plants or bird sounds.



Doesn’t it feel good? 

I just deleted the BeReal app, and I feel GOOD. 

And the bonus: I get to mention my action to my kids — which serves as another modeling moment. Being intentional about our phones is a healthy practice (as well as having breaks from our phones). 

I’d love to hear about whatever small phone change you made right now — I’ll share answers anonymously in a future post. Email me at Delaney@screenagersmovie.com.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

*About BeReal:

It’s a social media app that markets itself as a more authentic alternative to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. The app alerts you at a random time each day, prompting you to take a picture with both your selfie camera and your front camera simultaneously, no matter where you are and no matter what you’re doing. This creates a feed filled with silly, imperfect, and vulnerable photos, but still, it can be a time suck.