Connecting the QSI Family Worldwide…

December 2022
Quality Schools International

In this issue: 

  • AP Art at QSI Virtual School 
  • Thanksgiving at QSI Bishkek
  • ACAMIS ECE Conference at QSI Shenzhen 
  • Cross Country Championship at QSI Shenzhen 
  • South-East Asia Regional PD (QSI Shenzhen) 
  • National Junior Honor Society at QSI Shenzhen 
  • Togolese Art Excursion (QSI Togo) 
  • We have Fallen Into Reading! (QSI Papa) 
  • Dia de Los Muertos at QSI Papa 
  • Science at QSI Sarajevo
  • Fall Festival at QSI Sarajevo
  • 25 Years of QSI Sarajevo
  • Europe Regional PD at QSI Bratislava 
  • Introducing the New QSI Shenyang Campus! 
  • Language Board at QSI Shenyang 
  • Skype a Scientist (QSI Shenyang) 
  • Fall Festival at QSI Shenyang 
  • Comic Book Club at QSI Shenyang 
  • QSI Learning Support – November PD 
  • Who’s Who at HQ – David Becker 
  • Photo Update from QSI Schools around the world