Student IDs

For those of you wishing to get your child a student ID, take your child to Pápa, Fő u. 12, 8500 (upstairs) on Tuesdays (8:00-15:00) or Thursdays (8:00-16:00). You will need passports and residency cards for both of you. All EU residents should take their red and green Hungarian residency card as you are already in the system, and this will expedite your registration time in the office. Only one parent needs to be present.

When you are finished, they will give you a document. Bring that document to school and give it to Marcell (or send via email at so he can check the information with the official sites and order your ID. All IDs are mailed to the school, not your home residence. The process takes about two weeks.

When you arrive at the government building, follow the prompts pictured below to get in line: