8th Period Activities!

We are excited to present to you the descriptions for 8th Period Activities Rotation 1 (5 September – 14 October)!

Children in the 5-year-old class will be doing special daily activities with Ms. Jennifer for this first rotation, and then they will join the other classes for activities after Fall Break. 

Children in classes 6 to 11 will be in one of six groups, rotating between all six activities with a new activity each week. For the next rotation of activities (beginning after Fall Break), instead of assigning kids to each activity, we will send a menu of options and children can choose which activities they would like to join.  

The Amazing Additional Activities will happen once per week. Kids who are in a specific Additional Activity will simply go to that specific activity on the correct day, instead of the activity they would be in otherwise. Costs of Additional Activities will be determined once the group list is complete. Please use the survey emailed Wednesday to request your child be added to an Additional Activity. (Swimming classes are full at this time. Kids in classes 6 and 7 are on Tuesday, Swimming 1. Kids in classes 8 and up are on Thursday, Swimming 2.)