MSA Committee Updates

Mastery Learning Committee Update

The mastery learning committee’s short-term plan is to create an opportunity for students and parents to learn more about mastery learning and the grading system. This event will happen at the beginning of the next academic year. The committee is also planning professional development to further improve the teachers’ knowledge of mastery learning and share our experiences and strategies. We would like to develop a process to ensure proper student placement, including several tests and an interview with future students.

Communication Committee Update

Our initial task this year was to unpack the new QSI wide MSA Communication objectives as well as to choose specific objectives for QSI Papa. As a result of surveys, we ascertained that the most important objectives must target staff/student and administration/parent communications.

Considering this we are happy to state that we have been able to complete the following:

· Planned and implemented Open Forum Student Meetings

· Hired someone to upgrade our website to make it more user friendly (this is an ongoing process)

Our main objective for next year is to put together a New Student & Parent Slidedeck as part of the welcoming packet for new families.

Literacy Committee Update

The Literacy Committee is collecting data from MAP tests, which began on May 2nd and will continue until May 20th. MAP testing helps us see a child’s growth from one year to the next and helps us to identify learning needs. We use this information to guide our instruction. As well as MAP, soon literacy teachers will assess students’ reading comprehension and fluency with the Fountas and Pinnell reading test. These twice-a-year assessments support the informal observations built into the curriculum and give us a well-rounded view of your child’s academic progress.