Week without Walls Update

We were unable to plan Week without Walls as we usually do in the fall due to the pandemic and uncertainty around restrictions and closures. Generally, these trips can cost several hundred euros and parents understandably like to know about them in advance.

Now that restrictions are lifted, we are looking at a number of inexpensive trips within Hungary, some with a couple of overnighters, and some with several day trips that we felt confident we could organize without a large financial cost or loss if they are canceled.

This also takes quite a bit of time for the teachers to organize on top of teaching and their other responsibilities. Some companies we have used in the past closed as a result of the pandemic, and some are only just reopening.

I write this to let you know the teachers are creating the best trips they can create with the time and resources we have. As soon as they are finalized, we will share them with the community. I am confidant they will be wonderfully enriching and fun too!