MSA Accreditation Visit

While we were accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) in 2018, Quality Schools International (our entire organization) has moved to MSA Systems Accreditation requiring all schools to be accredited under the same umbrella. We are still expected to self study and put things in place unique to QSI Pápa. However, the Systems aspect of this new approach further strengthens our school with additional support from our organization and worldwide recognition.

MSA visited us on February 2. They interviewed teachers, parents, and students alike and were very pleased with what they heard. They reviewed our self study and an enormous amount of information/documentation we have compiled throughout the year. We received many glowing commendations and some recommendations. In other words, will be accredited once again thanks to the hard work of our staff, students, and community.

Because we are part of the Systems accreditation now, we won’t officially receive the confirmation/announcement until April or May when the whole organization gets recognized. Each school, however, will receive an individual endorsement. We will celebrate then!