8th Period Activities

Mrs.  Fitzgerald Pop-Up Crafts! Let’s make art that POPs! We’ll learn how to add 3D elements to our crafts while making fun pop-up cards to keep or share. We’ll also learn how to write nice messages in the cards so we can share love and kindness with those we appreciate. 
Ms. Jennifer STEAM Room Welcome to the STEAM Room!  Students will be tasked with a different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) Challenge each day using available materials.  If weather permits, STEAM Challenges may be held outdoors. 
Ms. Ona Toymaker’s Workshop Make your own toys! Students will craft a variety of fun toys using everyday household materials and a few simple techniques.  
Ms. Lilla Who rules the dance floor? Let’s have fun learning some new dances! Learning how to move our bodies helps us build our brain power and manage our emotions. Plus, it’s fun to move and stretch after a long day of focused learning. Let’s dance together! 
Ms. Marika Braiding Crafts Learn how to braid the fun way! In a world where technology rules, it is refreshing to learn and practice simple, “old-fashioned” skills like braiding. We’ll start with learning basic braiding, then challenge ourselves with more complex braiding.  
Mrs. Sanders Let’s Roll! Choose ONE: Bring your roller skates or roller blades or scooter from home for the week! In order to participate, you must have a helmet. Other protective gear is up to you and your parents.  When it is not raining, we will be outside, so bundle up with hats and gloves! (If you don’t bring in anything, we can still run around and have fun!)