8th Period Activities: Rotation #2 (25 October – 3 December) 

Ms.  Sanders Yoga Let’s be mindful! We will stretch and strengthen our bodies while learning to be mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. Namaste. 
Mrs.  Fitzgerald Holiday Arts and Crafts Let’s make fun crafts with a holiday theme!  We’ll learn about cultural traditions for holidays of this season, then create something related to that holiday. Be ready to make something spooky, silly, fun or festive. Hooray for the Holidays! 
Ms. Jennifer FREE PLAY Let’s have fun outside! Bundle up! Students will have unstructured play time on the playground or in the field, depending upon available space. If it is raining or too cold, students will engage in STEAM activities in Ms. Jennifer’s classroom. 
Ms. Ona Strategy Games Let’s play games that build our brains! Students will play card games, board games, and games of chance to practice recognizing patterns and using strategy. This activity is good for developing working memory, sportsmanship, and number sense. 
Ms. Lilla Let’s Get Crafty!  Let’s craft together in the Makerspace! Kids will use different materials, like fabrics, textiles, and wood, to practice creativity, painting, drawing, and building. Crafty projects are an excellent way for children to think about the process of learning and build skills in creative design. 
Ms. Marika Internet Skills 
and Play 
Let’s build skills in safe internet searches! The students will be monitored while learning to safely search for a given topic or project. Later, they’ll have time to play age-appropriate learning games that are both fun and educational.