3-Day Weekend

I hope you all have a wonderful 3-day weekend. You’ve earned it! I spoke with QSI headquarters today about our school and couldn’t brag enough about our students, staff, and parent support here at QSI Pápa. As I walk the halls, I see students learning at the highest level, teachers tirelessly (and successfully) aiming for … More 3-Day Weekend

8th Period Activities: Rotation #2 (25 October – 3 December) 

Ms.  Sanders  Yoga  Let’s be mindful! We will stretch and strengthen our bodies while learning to be mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. Namaste.  Mrs.  Fitzgerald  Holiday Arts and Crafts  Let’s make fun crafts with a holiday theme!  We’ll learn about cultural traditions for holidays of this season, then create something related to that holiday. Be ready to make something spooky, silly, fun or festive. Hooray for the Holidays!  Ms. Jennifer  FREE PLAY  Let’s have fun outside! Bundle up! Students will have unstructured play time on … More 8th Period Activities: Rotation #2 (25 October – 3 December) 

Discord, Twitch, And Mental health, What To Know

Dr. Delaney Ruston – I recently learned about Youth Era, started by Martin Rafferty, an organization based out of Oregon that has established drop-in centers for youth with all sorts of resources and online communities via Discord and Twitch, as well.  Recently I had a conversation with Mike Caruso, who runs Youth Era’s virtual channels on … More Discord, Twitch, And Mental health, What To Know