Face Masks and Illness

Infographic: What We Know About How Masks Can Slow Disease Spread

I haven’t been sick in two years! However, many more students, staff, and parents have been ill recently, undoubtedly due to us coming back together after summer break. And now I have a cold. This is common in schools at this time of year, and even more common once the weather changes and we all spend more time inside. One reason many of us haven’t been as sick in the recent past might have something to do with the facemasks we have been wearing when restrictions were in place. While I prefer not wearing a facemask, I wore one today since I’m not feeling 100%. You might have noticed other students, staff, and parents wearing masks for similar reasons, whether to not spread their own cold, or simply to prevent themselves from getting sick.

If your child is sick, please keep them at home. If they have fever, please keep them at home until they haven’t had fever for 48 hours. If they’ve got the sniffles or a cough, but aren’t particularly ill, please consider sending them with a facemask so they won’t share those germs with others. And finally, you are welcome to send them with a facemask even if they aren’t sick. This, of course, isn’t a requirement, but it might help prevent the spread of illness in the meantime.