Light at the end of the Tunnel

It is a beautiful day outside as I write this, a good day to begin a well-deserved 4-day Easter break. We will return to our regular online schedule Tuesday, April 6. The current government decree states that schools will reopen (on campus) Monday, April 19. Fingers crossed! We will monitor the situation closely and let you know if anything changes.

There is, indeed, light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. Vaccines are happening. The weather outside is wonderful. While I am optimistic as a result, I do encourage everyone to remain diligent regarding safety precautions.

Our Spring Break is not far off, April 26-30, and then a sprint to the finish line June 25. I can’t express how proud I am of our students who continue to work hard, regardless of the challenges they’ve faced. I appreciate the enormous support our parents have given. And I’m forever thankful to work with a staff that has done a fantastic job throughout.

I wish you a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the near future.