Reminder, Professional Development Tomorrow (no school)

The last couple of weeks have proven to be an online success. We prepared ahead of time and were rewarded by the effort. I have visited many “classrooms” in progress and have been happy to see engaged students across the board.

While I’m happy what we’ve achieved so far regarding distance learning, there is always room for improvement. I will be sending out a survey for your feedback. However, this survey will be a bit different from those in the past. They will be specific to each age level. The more general surveys we’ve conducted haven’t been as focused. Or rather, suggestions given anonymously couldn’t be applied to a specific class since we didn’t ask for that information. For example, last year it was suggest there needed to be more face-to-face time between the teachers and students. We did that, and now we’ve heard there’s too much! We’ve already gotten some really good suggestions, so please complete the survey so that we can become even better.

We will have our second staff professional development tomorrow, reviewing the last couple of weeks, certainly, while also planning for the future. We will revisit our accreditation goals, review the upcoming Keeping Safe / Child Protection curriculum, and be introduced to additional instructional resources. And we will apply all of that in the classrooms to come.