2021 Graduates

I will post one of our three graduates each week, beginning here with Eszter.

Hi, my name is Eszter, I’m from Hungary and I’m a senior student at QSI Pápa. I have been studying at QSI for almost four years now and I have enriched with many great experiences, laughs, tears, and tons of knowledge that prepared me for adult life. My journey towards graduation is special, due to the many on and off digital, working from home, periods. My senior year is though, filled with many challenges, but twice as much joy and support coming from my family and friends. After I pass my AP tests and graduate from QSI Pápa, I will spend my summer around my loved ones, getting a nice tan, and having fun, hopefully when places reopen. And most importantly, I’m going to prepare for a new, exciting journey, university. This new journey is going to happen in a blink of an eye, and I am ready for it.