Online Learning Beginning Monday, March 8

Parent/teacher conferences have gone well today. I know there’s a bit of anxiety in the air, but after meeting with the faculty, I am confidant we are prepared for the coming weeks. While it is unfortunate we can’t continue face-to-face with our elementary and middle school students (and, of course, Secondary), I’m hopeful this precaution will keep us safer than otherwise.

We will be using the same educational model #3 we’ve used in the past. It can be found on our website under the COVID-19 Guidelines tab or here: Teachers might adjust their individual schedules a bit. If so, they will let you know. Wednesday’s schedule will be the same as the other days of the week (no Keeping Safe curriculum).

I will continue to update you with any new information. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact your child’s teacher, or me at or +36 20 544 9707.