7-Year-Olds Experience India

The 7s class has just wrapped up a three-week Cultural Studies unit on the beautiful, diverse country of India. As any traveler knows, one of the most enjoyable ways to get acquainted with a culture is through its food. These kids were more than happy to give Indian foods a try. 

After learning about the various regions of India and their different cuisines, the class made and cooked chapati, a flatbread also known as roti.

Another day, they hosted a guest presentation by our own 5s teacher. Ms. Jennifer has lived in India and brought many delicious treats for students to try. She made lassi (a yogurt smoothie) and chai to drink, and students sampled pickles, curry, cardamom and garam masala spices, and a chickpea snack mix. What a fantastic, delicious way to culminate the unit and foster curiosity and appreciation for global culture. Thank you, Ms. Jennifer!