Back in the Saddle

To get back in the saddle is an idiom suggesting a return to something that is familiar. We return to campus tomorrow (Monday, January 18), which is somewhat familiar, but with potential unpredictable variables. We made it through the first semester, through our fall and winter breaks. Families have recently returned from abroad in time to quarantine, truly showing a concern for others. I appreciate the PSG, base, parents and staff who supported this cause, who also showed support throughout our first four months of school. As a result, we have been fortunate to have made it this far on campus without interruption. I only wish the Secondary students were with us as well.

To give a horse its head is an expression literally meaning to loosen a horse’s reins and let it show what it can truly do. Figuratively speaking, I feel that way about this semester, excited to see what our students will do. Now that we’re back in the saddle, we get to ride the horse and there’s nothing more exhilarating, variables included.