Why We Care About Violence In Video Games And Shows

Dr. Delaney Ruston – “Desensitization is really useful in certain circumstances. But in the general population, it’s actually a really bad thing to be desensitized because it makes you undervalue other people’s pain.”—Douglas Gentille, PhD I’ve been thinking a lot about violence and video games and the shows that kids are watching these days. What … More Why We Care About Violence In Video Games And Shows

It’s good to be back!

We’ve had a good week back on campus, at least with the elementary and middle school students. We’re hopeful the secondary students will be able to return soon. While this time of year seems like the beginning, filled with hope for the new year, it can also be challenging for some students due to the … More It’s good to be back!

Back in the Saddle

To get back in the saddle is an idiom suggesting a return to something that is familiar. We return to campus tomorrow (Monday, January 18), which is somewhat familiar, but with potential unpredictable variables. We made it through the first semester, through our fall and winter breaks. Families have recently returned from abroad in time … More Back in the Saddle