We made it!

When this school year began, we were thrilled to welcome back our students after a long break off campus, not only from the summer holiday, but also the three months of distance learning that began way back in March. We modified the schedule a bit in August with increased safety precautions and limited interaction between students in different classes. That schedule lasted four weeks. The plan was to return to a “normal” schedule on September 28, but to be honest, I didn’t think we’d make it that far before shifting to distance learning again—I kept waiting for the next decree that would require it.

The next goal was to make it to Fall Break without incident. Surely we wouldn’t make it that far! But we did. While there weren’t many options of travel by then, the break was well-earned. Our students had worked hard without complaint and deserved the R&R.

A couple of weeks into November a decree required our Secondary students to begin learning remotely, which they’ve been doing since then. We miss them terribly even though we see them regularly online. It’s just not the same. We are extremely proud of their resilience and effort since November 11. And we are thrilled to see them again in person on January 18 when they should be able to return to campus once again. This isn’t definite yet, but the reporting is optimistic.

As I write this, I’m amazed, sitting at my desk in my office at school with students in classrooms celebrating the holiday to come. We made it! What the future holds, who knows. For now, though, I will relish the good fortune we’ve had due to your diligence (students, parents, staff) throughout these challenging times. Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful winter break. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2021.