Two Weeks and Counting

Students, parents, and teachers alike have more than earned a much-needed winter break. While it might not feel like last year at this time (no masks), that doesn’t mean that holiday cheer isn’t near. In two weeks, we’ll have a half-day (December 18) followed by three weeks of family time, whether extended or immediate. Some will travel, some will stick around. I look forward to having my first Hungarian Christmas as many of you might, and I hope those that travel home will stay safe.

Classes resume online January 11-15, then on campus for the 3-13-year-old classes January 18. We are waiting to hear what the government will do concerning our Secondary students. For now, they are working hard online (I’m very proud of them), with the plan to return to campus. But when that will be is unknown as we wait for the next decree.

If you have questions over the next couple of weeks or during the holiday, please visit our website which houses our newsletter, important information and updates. If you feel disconnected from QSI Pápa during these unique times, feel free to contact me at or +36 30 544 9707.

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