Distance Learning after Winter Break

Many families will travel in and outside of Hungary during Winter Break (December 21-January 8). For an added health and safety precaution, we will teach online the first week of school after the break, January 11-15, then return to campus face-to-face on January 18.

I have spoken with many in the community who want to take this opportunity to visit their families abroad. Since there is a current quarantine requirement of 10 days reentering Hungary, if students are back in Pápa the last day of break (January 8), then they can return to campus on Monday, January 18th.

While some families might not leave Hungary, many will travel throughout the country (Budapest, etc.), so this additional safety measure can only help.

I have spoken with the PSG, the Air Base, QSI staff, and others, and they support this decision. If you plan to travel during the break, please have your children back in Pápa by January 8 to prevent any disruption to learning or the classroom.

If you have any questions about that week of distance learning, please contact your child’s teacher.

And remember, we will have another distance learning practice day on November 17. This should prepare everyone for the week online, January 11-15.

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