Distance Learning Practice

Of our 37 QSI schools worldwide, seven have been directly affected by COVID-19, with students, staff, or parents testing positive to the coronavirus. In some cases, the effect to the school was minimal, with individuals or small groups of children quarantined and the rest of the students still attending classes. But there have also been entire campus closures for two weeks or more.

Fortunately, no one on our campus has tested positive, and we are happy to be attending face-to-face for the entire school day.

There is, however, the possibility of this virus negatively affecting our school, and so we want to be prepared just in case. Like a fire drill, better safe than sorry.

We will practice distance learning on Wednesday, October 14 for the entire day, proactively identifying appropriate communication should we have to close campus or classrooms. Your children’s teachers will be in contact with you over the next two weeks explaining the different components. Please work with them to ensure your child can continue learning in this instance, and that you can clearly communicate with the teachers.

We have learned a lot since March 13, 2020, both as a school and an organization. Putting something like this in place is simply preparing for an unfortunate occurrence. We all hope that won’t be the case. But just in case, we will be ready.

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