Monday Full Day

We are looking forward to Monday, September 28th when we will return to our regular school schedule, following Education Model #1, which still includes increased health and screening practices. Face masks will still be required for students ages six and older (3-5 year-olds wear masks into the building, but can remove them once in their classrooms). Temperature checks and hand sanitation will still be required at the door. The schedule and this educational model can be found on our website at

Remember, all students will attend ON CAMPUS from 8:10 – 15:30. If parents of students ages 3-11 want to pick up their children before 8th period activities (see 8th period activities descriptions below) you are welcome to sign them out after 7th period at 14:45.

Based on the new government decree (see last week’s newsletter), parents will not be allowed into the building beginning October 1st. If a parent wants to sign a child out of school after 7th period, or any other time during the day, please coordinate this with Lena in the office at or call at +36 30 149 9977.

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