8th Period Activities

Because we’re returning to a full day (8:10-15:30) beginning Monday, September 28th, we will also begin 8th period activities again. These will be a bit different, however, since we don’t want to mix the age levels like we’ve done in the past due to the restrictions in place. They’ll still be a lot of fun, learning something new every day.

Instead of students going in all directions, teachers will move to a different group each week for the remainder of this Quintile and through the end of the second Quintile which ends December 18. Unfortunately, students won’t be able to choose the activity, but we will make sure that each one is as engaging and fun as they have been in the past. To know which activity your child will participate in next week, see the ages in parentheses next to the activity.

Each week the activity will change for the age level. For example, next week Mrs. Ona will be with the 6s. The following week she’ll be with the 5s. Ms. Cox will be with the 5s next week, then the following week cycle to the 11s. And so on. See the descriptions below:

Playdough with Ms. Cox (5s)Monday: Make Playdough from scratch Tuesday: Playdough mats: storytelling, experimentation with the dough Wednesday: Playdough cup marble run Thursday: Playdough—fairy tale (or other story) diorama (or just building characters) Friday: Playdough challenge: Who can make the tallest tower using toothpicks & playdough
Fun with Friends with Mrs. Ona (6s)Learning is fun! This activity focuses on cooperation, sportsmanship, and Group Interaction by engaging students in age-appropriate math and literacy games. Students will play indoors using dice and/or playing cards, or outside, moving their bodies when weather permits.
Loose Parts Play with Mrs. Sanders (7s)Including movable materials on school grounds adds depth to children’s play experiences and affords many more opportunities to engage their imagination compared to static play structures or manufactured toys. Loose parts can include natural materials such as sticks, stones, dirt, pinecones, leaves, and straw bales. And manufactured materials such as plastic crates, cloth sheets, rope, and cardboard tubes. This activity will be outside in most weather. So please, as it gets colder and wetter, send appropriate clothing and shoes. “DET FINNES IKKE DÅRLIG VÆR, BARE DÅRLIGE KLÆR”/”There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.”
Story Time with Mrs. Marika (8s)Students will listen/read books on their reading/interest level. They will read for pleasure. This activity gives an opportunity for them to explore resources on the themes they learn in class.
Gettin’ Crafty with Mrs. Fitzgerald (9s)A Maker’s Space for fun and challenging paper crafts! We’ll learn some new skills in crafting and paper construction, then we’ll see where your imagination can take you! We’ll look for inspiration, make a plan, choose supplies, and then build our own creations.
Art with Nature with Ms. Viki (10s)The active exploration of natural materials during outdoor walks enhances children’s appreciation of the natural beauty in our world and deepens their respect for the environment. All children will naturally become explorers and artists! Options are endless, anything in nature can be used. We gather things from footpaths that won’t harm the environment, such as fallen leaves, twigs, etc., and make beautiful and unique art with them.
Food & Fire with Mrs. Stehly (11s)We will learn the basics of how to use an open wood flame to cook food. Class will be held outside on the football field so bring a jacket and closed toe shoes. Emphasis will be on safety in using fire and exploring a skill not readily accessible in a typical school setting. Parent permission required before students can actively participate. Mrs. Stehly will send home forms on Monday.

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