MAP Tests Begin Monday

What’s the MAP Test? (Measure of Academic Progress) The MAP tests are an instructional tool for teachers, meant to guide our instruction and identify the needs of each student. They are not related to student grades or any placement at school. MAP testing measures a student’s growth from year-to-year, identifies a student’s learning needs, and checks retention of learning over time. They will be taking this test again in the Spring, hopefully able to answer many more questions and showing how much they have grown academically. If you’d like to learn more about how the tests work or how we use the data, you can watch this video.

Help your child do their best: Please make sure that your child(ren) sleep well, have a good breakfast, and pack a healthy morning snack. Encourage them to do their very best, but don’t focus on the scores (the results help us teachers understand what they need, so we need their real effort — but their numbers will not be used to grade them or rank them). I want the kids to give their best effort and see the test as important, but I also want them to feel comfortable and not stressed. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Homeroom teachers will be sharing schedules specific to their class.