8th Period Activities

Because we’re returning to a full day (8:10-15:30) beginning Monday, September 28th, we will also begin 8th period activities again. These will be a bit different, however, since we don’t want to mix the age levels like we’ve done in the past due to the restrictions in place. They’ll still be a lot of fun, learning something new every day.

Instead of students going in all different directions, teachers will move to a different classroom each week for the remainder of this Quintile and through the end of the second Quintile which ends December 18. The activities will be posted in next week’s newsletter with the activity and teacher listed. Unfortunately, students won’t be able to choose the activity, but we will make sure that each one is as engaging and fun as they have been in the past.

For example, Mrs. Sanders might teach the 7 year-old class robotics for the first week, then teach the 6 year-old class robotics the following week, and so on. While Mrs. Sanders is teaching the 7 year-old class robotics, Mrs. Larsell might be teaching the 6 year-old class about wildlife, getting outside as much as possible. In fact, we’re encouraging all teachers to create activities that can be outside, weather permitting. Again, the specific activities will be posted in next week’s newsletter. The teachers are making sure they can gather the right materials to make this a truly enriching experience for your children. For those who don’t want their children to participate in these 8th period activities, you are welcome to pick up your child at 14:45. Please be sure and read next Friday’s newsletter for details and pick-up procedures.

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