Welcome Back!

We are certainly excited about this Thursday, our first day of school on campus! While I’m sure there’s still quite a bit of anxiety related to COVID-19, please be assured that we are following recommended and government mandated guidelines to ensure health and safety measures are in place. Guidelines are also posted regularly on our website at http://www.qsi.org/papa/ under the COVID-19 Guidelines tab. And updates are shared in weekly newsletters or announcements accordingly. For year-at-a-glance information, there is a static 2020-21 Academic Calendar under the Information tab, as well as a live calendar icon to monitor upcoming events, holidays, etc.

As a reminder (or for those just arriving) we are opening with a modified school schedule. We will follow Model #2 for the first four weeks of school, reverting to the more “normal” Model #1 on September 28. Of course, the coronavirus could affect these plans, be we’re hopeful that won’t be the case. The modified schedules are below, but can also be found on our website at http://www.qsi.org/papa/ under the COVID-19 Guidelines tab.

Since this Thursday’s schedule is only a half day it will be a bit different from Model #2. Elementary students will attend from 8:10-11:42, leaving before lunch. Middle and Secondary students will attend after lunch from 12:26-15:30 with no online classes prior to lunch for Middle and Secondary students. The online portion of the day will begin on Friday morning, August 28.

Model #2

As it is more difficult for parents to accommodate for Preschool and Elementary students at home, QSIP is committed to having all preschool and elementary students attend school for the majority of the regular school day, dismissing at 14:00.

Students will attend their regular schedule, eat lunch in their homeroom, then participate in specials (PE, Art, Music, etc.) separate from the middle and secondary students who will arrive on campus after lunch. For this, we will utilize separate parts of campus including the gymnasium, the concert hall, the classroom connected to the concert hall, and outdoor classrooms (weather permitting).

Middle School and Secondary students will have an on-site and off-site schedule.

This means that they will attend classes online for the first four periods of the day, following the regular schedule, then on-campus classes after lunch for the final four periods of the day, dismissing at 15:30 (or an optional dismissal at 2:00, explained below). As our older students are more independent, they can more easily navigate such a schedule and connect with the on-site classes from home while also meeting with their teachers face-to-face every other day.

Online and face-to-face classes will rotate daily. For example, Friday, August 28 students will attend periods 1-4 in the morning from home online, then periods 5-8 after lunch on campus. On Monday, August 31 students will attend periods 5-8 in the morning online, followed by periods 1-4 after lunch on campus. There is an option for middle and secondary students to leave campus at 2:00 and complete classes 4 and 8 (Language and PE) from home. All language courses will be through QVS (QSI Virtual School), or through specific national programs (Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, for example) that many of our students take. The first PE unit will be a portfolio unit spanning these first four weeks of school (Model #2) that the students are also able to complete independently. However, we will have supervision for these courses on campus if the students wish to stay until 3:30. See the sample chart below for another example:

On Campus12:261:095th1st5th1st5th
On Campus1:111:566th2nd6th2nd6th
On Campus (or home)1:582:437th3rd7th3rd7th
On Campus (or home)2:453:308th4th8th4th8th
Model #2

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