Campus Update 7 August 2020

Disinfectant and masks have arrived! Among other things, of course, as we prepare for the unique school year ahead. We are closely monitoring what’s happening locally. Again, we are in regular contact with the ministry of education following their guidelines (and then some), and communicating with others in the government and air base.

We continue to update our website with any new information, as well as plans we’ve put in place to address the current environment. Please have a look at our most recent additions under the COVID-19 Guidelines tab to see Morning Routines and Procedures and Classroom Procedures.

We have also added the Model #3 schedules for preschool through secondary should we be forced to return to online/distance learning.

And finally, because there were challenges for families who have children in elementary and middle/secondary, we have created an option for the middle/secondary students to leave at 2:00, the same time as their younger siblings. Middle/secondary students are certainly welcome to stay until 3:30 and we’ll of course have supervision, but the other option is available.

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