End-of-Year Plans

We’re almost there! It’s hard to believe there are only eight more days of school. It also looks like borders will be opening, flights available, and other sunny things ahead.

Please keep an eye on the calendar. I will also be sending regular updates and reminders so that we can have a smooth end-of-year closure.

Specifics are on the calendar (schedules, etc.), and I will also include them in this newsletter labeled accordingly. See below for the general list.

  • June 1 – Holiday (no school)
  • June 2-5 Class as usual
  • June 5 – Materials drop-off (textbooks, library books, tech, etc.)
  • June 8 – Empty lockers (if you haven’t already) / class according to teacher
  • June 9 – Class according to teacher
  • June 10 – Class parties (Zoom, 365, etc.)
  • June 11 – Going away parade

Again, I will be sending reminders and updates. Teachers will as well. And the specifics are included in this newsletter and on the calendar.

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