Campus Update

It’s hard to believe we’ve been teaching and learning online for about eight weeks now. There were bumps in the road at the beginning, but many of those challenges have been overcome thanks to the teachers, students, and hardworking parents willing to give their support wherever needed.

The surveys have helped, the PSG shares their experiences, and our advisory board met last night and discussed the remainder of the school year, restrictions, and possibilities to come in the near future. We will conduct two more surveys—one next week, and one at the end of the year to reflect on what we’ve learned, and to improve what we do as we move forward.

As I’ve mentioned in past newsletters referencing when students will be able to return to campus and resume class-as-usual, not much has changed. We are an authorized school in Hungary, bound by the same laws they set regarding local schools. “Until further notice” is still all I’ve heard to date. We are in touch with both the local and national Ministry of Education and will follow their guidelines as communicated and published. In other words, there is no date set yet to return. Our last day of school, however, has moved to June 11, shown on the calendar.

I hope more than anything to see everyone again soon, for my children to be with their friends and teachers high-fiving and hugging. I’m hopeful that will be sooner than later, and I will continue to share updates with you here, on our school website, and the calendar.

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