7 Simple Springtime Outdoor Activities

Spring is finally here! After such a long and cold winter, it’s thrilling to feel the wind in your hair and the warm sun on your face. Here are simple ways to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate spring:

1. Play in the rain.

Put on your rain gear and play in puddles! See who can make the biggest or most stylish splash. Make mud pies—don’t be afraid to get dirty, revel in the gooey globby mess! Do the Dougie or the robot and sing in the rain. Collect rain in different containers and listen to the sounds of raindrops as they hit a metal, plastic or glass container. Float a boat made out of recycled items, paper or twigs and leaves.

2. Catch the wind.

Create a wind sockkitepinwheel, or weather vane and learn all about the wind. As you’re crafting, ask your kids questions: Can you see the wind on a windy day? How do you know it’s there? What did it sound like? What did it feel like? Get more ideas on learning about the wind from Curious George.

3. Go on a walk or bike ride.

Observe the natural world as you make your way through the woods or park.

  • Senses walk: Use all of your senses to experience spring. Smell the flowers or grass. Listen to birds chirping. Feel the smoothness or roughness of a rock.
  • Shape scavenger hunt: Look closely and you’ll find shapes all around you. Bonus points for spotting 3D shapes such as a cube, cylinder or sphere.
  • Color walk: Find items for every color in the rainbow (remember it’s ROYGBIV).
  • ABC walk: Look for items that start with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Learn about trees: Identify trees by their leaves, bark, seeds and branches.
  • Nighttime walk: Listen for nocturnal creatures such as bats and owls.
  • Make a masterpiece: Collect items on your walk to create art. Paint sticks or rockspress flowersmake sun prints, or mix some flower potion.

4. Plant a garden.

Reconnect your child with the wonder of nature by showing her that a tiny seed can grow into a plant. Keep this simple by planting an herb garden or planting in containers. You can also choose plants to create a garden that attracts specific animals such as a bird or butterfly garden. Find more tips on gardening with kids.

5. Watch for wildlife.

Make a bird feeder and go bird watching. Look under a rock or log for creepy crawlies. Spy a spider weaving its web. Watch squirrels playing atop trees. Search for animal tracks.

6. Look to the skies.

Lie down and watch clouds. Let your imaginations run wild as you spot shapes in the clouds. Let your child stay up past bedtime to count the stars, or better yet, to go stargazing.

7​. Go on a picnic.

Spring is the perfect time for a picnic — there are no mosquitos or flies yet! Bring a blanket and some delicious sandwiches or snacks. Turn it into a booknic by bringing along books.

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