Spring Break Canceled

Based on my discussions with teachers and other stakeholders, we have decided to cancel Spring Break, April 14-17, due to this unique situation in which we find ourselves. April 10 and 13 are both national holidays, so we will still have a 4-day weekend to reset and recharge as we work toward establishing routines through distance/online learning. May has a 3-day weekend (May 1-3), and June too (May 30 June 1), which will allow for additional breaks and more time outside as the weather gets warmer.

Because of this, the school year will be shortened a bit, a date to be determined by what the future holds. To be clear, online learning will continue after Easter weekend, classes resuming Tuesday, April 14.

Related to this, several have asked if I have a date in mind when students will be able to return to campus, to resume class-as-usual in the brick-and-mortar. We are an authorized school in Hungary, bound by the same laws they set regarding local schools. “Until further notice” is all I’ve heard to date. We are in touch with both the local and national Ministry of Education and will follow their guidelines as communicated and published. In other words, there is no date set yet to return.

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